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MultiLink and SRT Sound Reflection Technology

Blends in beautifully with your interior decor. Switches
smoothly between your audio devices with a simple touch on the remote control!

(Mouse over the image of the living room below to see the components enlarged!)

Sonawall in room

The Sonawall SRT Sound Reflection Technology: For years, the Sonawall engineering team has been working on fine tuning the very unique, elegant in design, and easy to install Sonawall audiophile-grade home environments speaker line. The goal was to bring to market a New Dimension in Sound, with no need to sit in the “sweet spot” to experience perfect stereo imaging. Wider listening area is offered with perfect stereo imaging for the whole family, no matter where one sits in the room.

Develop a sound system with all of the necessary connections for ALL home entertainment electronics. Switch fast and easily between your audio devices with our remote control! No other sound system on the market offers this unique smooth and powerful transition.

Experience Sound Quality with room filling spaciousness, in a small versatile speaker package - only from Sonawall!

Sonawall now offers the most convenient listening experience through its MultiLink. Switch smoothly and withe ease between all your listening devices.

Mouse over the image of the living room below to see the components enlarged!


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